Hopes & Dreams Nursery

Award Winning, Happiness Guaranteed

Creating Happy Children, Positive Futures since 1999

Fun is Our Foundation

Fun is well… fun, and most of us could do with more of it as we get older.

Fortunately children are naturally programmed for fun so we follow their interest through a range of play based activities, games and challenges designed to engage the children and immerse them in a fun nursery experience.

We also encourage our staff to have fun and deliver WOW for the children. And we measure our success with the smiles on the children’s faces and the laughter and buzz of busy purposeful play.

Having fun is the foundation of Happy Children. Happy staff is how we do it.

Progressive Childcare

Since 1999 we’ve prided ourselves at being at the cutting edge of delivering the very best childcare on the Island.

We are constantly challenging what we do to make it better for the children. We enjoy going the extra mile to make things as good as they can possibly be.

Over the years we’re proud to have been the first nursery to employ a specialist early years teacher, to offer Action Kids, to take children to gymnastics, to introduce the Tapestry online app keeping parents informed of their child’s development. And the list goes on as does our passion to deliver the best childcare on the Island.

Our approach is building a Positive Future for children, their families, our staff and the Island.

Education For A Lifetime

Nursery is seen as an integral part of a child’s education by the Government, and a positive step towards school readiness. We don’t disagree but see a bigger picture and set our sights on a larger dream for the children.

We know that how we support the children at nursery will have a profound influence on their whole lives.
Their experience in nursery will have an impact on how they see the world and how well they are equipped to deal with the frantic change of pace of life.
Whether it’s forming their values, supporting their ability to form relationships and develop friendships, helping them explore their understanding of the world they live in, or guide their ability to reason and problem solve, all of these concepts are developed through play, interaction and the support your child gets in their early years.


Our staff team is packed full of the very best childcare practitioners on the Island.
We have a strong Core Values culture that helps us to attract and retain the Island’s top talent.
Each member of the team is supported to continually develop their practice allowing us to deliver a consistent high standard of care and education.

They are a highly qualified group of experts, experienced in delivering exceptional childcare, but more importantly bringing energy, enthusiasm and compassion to connecting with each child and making a difference to their lives.

It’s our staff team that make every day a WOW day at nursery.

Happy Children, Positive Futures

About Us & What We Do

Happy Children, Positive Futures

Our vision has always been to make a difference for children and their families by providing high quality, purposeful childcare and education.
Since we were founded in 1999 we have been doing just that, helping over 2,178 children and their families so far.

We exist to deliver on our purpose of creating Happy Children, Positive Futures.

Our fantastically dedicated inspirational staff team who are passionate about making your child’s nursery experience fun, and happy – that’s guaranteed.

We also plan for your child’s development with a huge variety of planned exciting activities both indoors and outdoors, including trips and outings to engage, inspire, challenge and support your child’s development.

But it’s not all about your child. We want to look after you as well. That’s why our base standard is All-Inclusive - with nappies, wipes and all your child’s food taken care of you get to spend more time playing with your child and by using technology we ensure you stay connected with your child’s development.

Parents wanting the very best for their child find that Hopes & Dreams delivers.
Happy Children, Positive Futures is our simple focus that drives everything we do ensuring that your child's care and development needs are met. We also work hard building a relationship that supports you and your family during your child's early years.

We know that choosing a nursery and leaving your pride and joy with someone else can be a daunting process. From our experience you'll be asking yourself three fundamental questions:

Will my child be safe?
Who will be looking after my child?
Will my child be happy?

We'd love the opportunity to talk you through what we'll do to give your child the best possible start, become a trusted member of your extended family and give you peace of mind that you've made the right choice.

Call Kate now on 628866 and make an appointment to take a look at our fantastic nursery.

Sessions & Fees

We are passionate about creating an exceptional experience during your child’s Early Years. One that will last long in their memory, and yours too.
We’d love to help everyone and the reality is that lots of parents like you choose Hopes & Dreams, but for some our opening times are not convenient or our fees are outside their budget.

So before you pick up the phone and call Kate why not satisfy yourself that our opening times suit you and that you can afford the best for your child’s future.
Sessions and Fees

We offer a variety of regular session times with no minimum number of sessions per week.
Fees from 1st March 2020.

Session Times All Week Session Fee Individual Session Fee
Afternoon 1pm to 6pm £22.95 £26.50
Morning 8am to 1pm £30.27 £33.83
Short School Day 9am to 3pm £36.31 £39.95
Long School Day 8:30am to 4:30pm £39.95 £45.98
Full Day 8am to 6pm £43.16 £49.58

Fee Arrangement:
Fees are payable monthly in advance on or before the 1st of every month by standing order. In addition to the session fees you will also be charged a modest monthly compliance fee to reflect the cost of complying with the Government regulations, and our own high operating standards.
The Monthly Compliance Fee is £8

Once availability is confirmed and a place is offered to your child you will be asked to pay a REFUNDABLE deposit of £200. This will be refunded after we receive your first standing order payment.

Contact Us

We are a popular nursery for those looking for the best childcare at great value for money and we’d love to take care of your precious child and give you Peace of Mind.
Give Kate a call on 628866 or complete this enquiry form to find out if there’s a chance to secure a place for your child.



Your Team

at Hopes & Dreams Nursery

Kate Howarth

Nursery Manager
Kate is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day running of the Nursery and is constantly developing the experiences for the children in our care and their parents. Kate is fanatical about outdoor play and is Forest School trained – just one of a whole host of other qualifications!

Claire Foster

Operations Manager
With over 10 years’ experience with Hopes & Dreams Claire’s high standards and fun approach are a winning combination. Claire is amazing at creating lasting relationships with the children and their parents.

Claire Losh

Pre-School Room Leader
Claire is our outstanding Early Years Teacher. She is responsible for leading the curriculum through fun and exciting play activities whilst leading the Pre School team.

Jessie Gordon

2’s to 3’s Room Leader
With a key passion for open ended play Jessie leads our 2’s and 3’s team in our nurturing, home from home environment ensuring a smooth transition for our little ones beginning their nursery journey.